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Extra virgin olive oil is good for health and a true nutraceutical. How many times have we heard it said, but often the consumer fails to understand how oil, by nature associated with the idea of ​​fat, can contribute so much to the well-being of the body. Let’s start by clarifying what the term nutraceutical means, i.e. rich in nutritional and healing properties.

Extra virgin olive oil is a monounsaturated fat, rich in oleic acid and a substance capable of regulating cell proliferation, increasing blood fluidity and reducing bad cholesterol in favor of the good one. It is rich in fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, necessary for cell differentiation, vitamin D and K, which help in the formation of the bone matrix, and the powerful antioxidant vitamin E that protects against neoplastic diseases.

Extra virgin olive oil is highly digestible, prevents gastritis and ulcers and promotes intestinal transit. Its lipid composition is similar to that of breast milk and therefore highly recommended in the baby’s diet. Due to its antioxidant action, it is recommended to be taken in adulthood as a prevention against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and osteoporosis. All of these properties, recognized in the United States by the “Food and Drug Administration”, the administrative body which manages food and drugs, are particularly relevant and allow producers of extra virgin olive oil to be able to label their health properties.

The recommended daily dose is 50 grams per day, which corresponds to 4 tablespoons.Attention when we talk about extra virgin olive oil with specific beneficial qualities for health, we intend to recommend the oils produced following the criteria of good agricultural practices, i.e. mainly organic, with an early harvest, where the polyphenols are felt through the bitterness and the spiciness. In production, every detail must be followed with care and wisdom.

It is evident that the consumption of extra virgin olive oil alone is not enough to maintain health, it is necessary to follow a well-considered diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Desirée Nieves
Sommelier dell’olio
Assaggiatore professionale