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Harvesting plays a fundamental role in the process of obtaining a quality oil.  The olive grower chooses the harvesting method that best suits the needs of his olive grove and the ideal period is when the olive is ripe.

 Why do olive growers who want to obtain the highest quality oils prefer to anticipate the harvest as much as possible?  Because the still unripe olive contains the maximum quantity of polyphenols and therefore bitter and spicy in sufficient quantities to obtain that precious nectar that we can classify as a nutraceutical.

 But what happens when we harvest the olives?  The journey to the oil mill begins.  We must ensure that the fruit arrives healthy, because the smallest wound will initiate an oxidation process which will negatively affect the quality of the oil.  Precisely for this reason, before starting the harvest, nets are placed under the plants.  In this way the olives do not touch the ground, they are not injured, they do not come into contact with other elements that can be found on the ground.  Once the olives are on the nets, they are collected and placed in perforated boxes, so that they are always aired and do not suffer from heating.  Once the boxes have been filled, the journey to the mill begins, where the transformation of the olive into oil will take place.

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