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Italy is a country rich in history and culture, this immense heritage can be found in every inch of the nation, the architectural differences between even the smallest towns are massive when they’re separated only by few kilometers. Nature isn’t lagging behind, it has given us a terrific variety of olives, more than 500, making Italy the country with the highest number of cultivars. Each type of olives is different and the possibilities of blending are endless, making every oil different in its own way.

Every olive oil is also extra virgin?
Absolutely not, extra virgin is the highest quality of oil, not the standard. How do we know if it is extra virgin or not? Once the oil has been finished, it needs to be examined in a professional and certified laboratory, where it undergoes a sensorial analysis only after reaching certain chemical parameters. If the oil can pass the sensorial phase then it is certified as an extra virgin olive oil.

Desirée Nieves
Sommelier dell’olio
Assaggiatore professionale