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Blend or Monocultivar ?

When we talk about the olive tree we must remember that there are many different varieties, each one representative of a territory; they are plants that adapt to the soil and climatic conditions of the place, interpreting it in the best possible way. In Italy there are more than five hundred varieties…


Extra virgin olive oil is good for health and a true nutraceutical. How many times have we heard it said, but often the consumer fails to understand how oil, by nature associated with the idea of ​​fat, can contribute so much to the well-being of the body. Let’s start by clarifying what the term….

The oil mill

History tells us that since ancient times olives were appreciated not only as a food, but also for oil extraction.  At the end of the seventh century before Christ, the Etruscans produced containers for the exportation of oil, which at the time was used for washing, perfuming and lighting. The Romans…

From the plant to the mill

Harvesting plays a fundamental role in the process of obtaining a quality oil. The olive grower chooses the harvesting method that best suits the needs of his olive grove and the ideal period is when the olive is ripe. Why do olive growers who want to obtain the highest quality oils prefer to anticipate the harvest..

The harvest

The olive grower follows, throughout the year, each phase related to the maintenance of the plant, using the most tested agricultural practices. The pruning, the fertilization, the flowering, the fruit set and the development of the final product up to the long awaited moment of the harvest…

Extra virgin values

In our first story we talked about the massive olive variety in Italy, which has more than 500 different cultivars and almost endless combinations. We also mentioned that not all olive oils are extra virgin, which is the highest possible level of quality that every farmer wishes to reach…